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Modern business world has a great necessity in communications, capacious and failproof data exchange channels. The buyer and the seller, the customer and the supplier, the branch and the head office - all of them require reliable and safe communication. Internet is one of the universal and available ways of data exchange.

All of our clients get the following instrumental means for their use:

  • "Personal Cabinet" - is intended for dial-up clients (regular modem is used for connection). Enter your login (user's name) and a password to enter, the current state of account will be shown (money left in balance), you may adjust callback (the service of divert dialing to save time rate on digital automatic telephone systems) and look through the list of sessions (precise time of the connection start and end is demonstrated including the sum spent on it and the phone number from which the call has been made), here you also may change the password and enrich your account by means of Internet-card.

  • "Internet-card registration" - if you bought our Internet-card, here you may create your account using serial number and PIN-code specified on it, those, who are not much experienced in using payments cards, first of all should acquaint himself with the point of the same name in the group "Help";

  • "Dedicated line statistics" - use the given login and password to enter (specified in the contract). Here you may look through the graph of channel use and the total volume of information transferred by you from Internet (incoming traffic - "In" column of the statistics table), look through your statistics regularly: in case of increasing of the traffic volume specified in the contract, it should be paid for at the end of the month, if any viruses discovered immediately contact with our technical support services (244-53-53);

  • "Mail server" - here web-interface to e-mail box of domain is located, enter its name to @ symbol and the password to get access. Web-interface allows clearing your mail box from useless messages without the necessity to load them into your own computer.

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