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How to set up Callback Service

Attention! This service available only on 1386660 modem pool.

1. Enter to personal cabinet using your current login (username) and password;

2. Select «Callback» item from menu (on left side);

4. If you have older telephone station, please, set «Yes» option in field «Do you use a pulse number dialing in your phone?»

5. Situation: callback is active, but your modem didn't answer to incoming call:

  • If you are using Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003, make sure that callback support is enabled in dial-up connection settings;
  • If you are using Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME, probably, for correct support callback function, you need to create and enable dial-up connection script;
  • Update modem drivers, download latest version from device manufacturer website;
  • Set up for modem following initialization string: &c0s0=1
  • Switch off all device, connected to phone line paralelly: phones, faxes, caller identifier devices and other.
  • 6. Situation: callback is active, but your modem didn't connect: you must set up initialization string for modem, where you must:

  • Disable Caller ID support;
  • Disable support of V.8 protocol.
  • If you cannot connect or use callback service, please, call to our technical support: 244-53-53 (24 hour)


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