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General information about ADSL connection

Dial-up connection by telephone line is quite suitable for domestic use, but for organization which has its local network, the capacity of the given communication link is not enough. In this case more comfortable working conditions will be ensured by organization of dedicated line or ADSL channel for Internet connection which allows raising the speed and safety of data transference.

Internet connection by dedicated line or ADSL technologies has significant advantages - You'll get rid of necessity to dial-up by modem and engage telephone line. The difference between Internet connection by dedicated line and ADSL technologies for a subscriber is in the fact that in the first case only separate direct line is rented and in the second case the connection is implemented to the existing telephone pair via frequency separator (splitter). This difference influences on the services cost in favor of ADSL. Thus, if the subscriber has a telephone, in overwhelming majority of cases it is possible to connect to automatic telephone station of the subscriber by ADSL. If connection attempt by ADSL failed, you may connect by dedicated line. For example: with SHDSL technology, operating on longer distances and more steady to interferences. More detailed information on xDSL technologies you may read in the section "Technologies".

Obtaining of information from global network will be fast and reliable. As soon as you turned on the computer and loaded operational system, insert the address of your favorite site or accept your e-mail at once. You'll forget about long waiting for pages, pictures and mail loading as the speed of data transference by dedicated line reaches 128, 256, 512 1024 Kbit/s! Adjustment of separate server (servers) inside the office will allow fulfilling the following tasks: e-mailing, WWW, FTP, DNS maintenance, Proxy. Proxy server will provide you with an opportunity to independently decide what amount of computers should have Internet access and determine their rights on network resources use.

The company "DOSTLINK" offers high-speed Internet connection with xDSL technologies. At present the company has its own network which gives them an opportunity to provide access by dedicated line on the following automatic telephone stations of Tashkent city: 144, 152/56, 133/132/136, 191/93, 41, 43, 45, 67/68, 54/55, 134/135. Contact with us and we shall do our best to provide you with this solution which will completely meet the requirements of your business!


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